Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Evans, and I’m a doctor/professor/person working to bring the best
evidence-based health information out of the clinic to wherever you are.

Dr. Mike Evans


Dr. Mike Evans is developing innovative health messaging for the world. His media lab fuses patients with creatives (filmmakers, designers, writers) and expert clinician-researchers. The premise of his lab is that most healthcare happens at home and that the biggest missing workforce is the public, and that if we can create high quality infectious health media we can engage “peer-to-peer healthcare”. Dr. Evans tells evidence-based stories and then imbeds them in the relationships of care: friend to friend, caregiver to patient, hockey player to hockey player.

His radio show on CBC’s Fresh Air is listened to widely. More than 12 million people have seen his famous whiteboard series on YouTube. Topics range from stress management to acne to quality improvement to the early childhood brain.

Dr. Evans is also a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at University of Toronto, and a Lead Digital Preventive Medicine at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. His work has been profiled in a wide range of publications from JAMA to Walrus, and the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Recent awards include being chosen as the top 10 innovators in health by the Canadian Medical Association, top 45 Canadians over 45, and selected as 2015 top 10 most important doctors in Canada.

In 2014 he was given the first worldwide endowed chair in Patient Engagement in Child Nutrition at the University of Toronto and he was awarded the McNeil Medal from the Royal Society of Canada in recognition of his outstanding ability to promote and communicate science to the public.

He is asked to speak widely about innovation, patient engagement, creativity, and best health. He lives in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto with his family of five who all play hockey.